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martedì 28 giugno 2011

Valencia Declaration 2010

Valencia Declaration 2010

El día 28 de Marzo se ha celebrado en Valencia el V Congreso de Mujeres por un Mundo Mejor, después de la crónica de nuestras Directoras, que participaron al evento, os invitamos todas a leer la declaración de Valencia 2010.

Women’s rights are an essential part of human rights and as such must be respected.

However, and despite advances, lack of political will, insufficient resources, restrictions linked to various types of practice and customs still prevent their free exercise today. This makes it essential to consolidate social models which ennoble the lives of women in a world without discrimination and without violence, in a world which is equal for all, in a world where rights are facts. To reach this goal, to continue to move forward we, more than 500 women – from 50 African countries, from Spain, Europe and Latin America – gathered in Valencia on 27 and 28 March 2010 at the Fifth Meeting of Women for a Better World, hereby agree to the following commitments:

1. IN SUPPORT of political leadership: in the conviction that management by women enriches the democratic fabric, we propose to start a permanent programme, for political and social leadership in the Regional Training Centre in Bamako which is to open in the coming months.

2. In support of institutional development: We propose to double the number of programmes for reinforcing democratic institutions which we agreed on in Monrovia.

3. In support of business leadership: We propose to continue to facilitate women’s access to productive means and resources, fomenting the development of companies run by women, with the creation of two regional business promotion centres.

4. TO MOVE FORWARD in access to micro-finance: We propose to incorporate formulas for women to broaden their access to micro-finance and credit into the agenda for the Global Microcredit Summit to be held in Valladolid in 2011.

5. To move forward in agricultural management: We propose to continue to contribute to women’s capacitation with the programming of on-going regional training courses on management, trade and agricultural associations in the Mali Training Centre.

6. To move forward in concert with other institutions: We propose to favour cooperation with other regional organisations, backing the aims of the Decade of African Women launched recently by the African Union and the United Nations.

7. TO CONSOLIDATE education: we shall foment a training programme organised by the Spanish Distance Education University to increase the number of women teachers in various African countries and enlarge the cultural cooperation projects we are already implementing.

8. To consolidate health systems: We propose to initiate a programme in various countries to train nurses and midwives which guarantees better primary care.

9. And, for all that, we undertake to approve the STRATEGIC PLAN presented here in Valencia, with specific objectives and actions, before the next Meeting of Women for a Better World.

10. We hereby undertake to gather once more at the SIXTH MEETING to be held next year in Namibia.



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